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Retis Technologies is providing turnkey and specialty services to meet end user needs.

Whether you use an external consultant, an in-house staff, or our services, the job will get done right! Our primary focus is QOS (quality of service) for all aspects of design, development, and deployment. We accomplish this by satisfying the end user with a dependable, clean, and cost effective room.

We at Retis Technologies recognize that a system of any size requires the appropriate coordination. Minimizing miscommunication between the various contractors who have independent requirements to accomplish their task is imperative. Dialog between all facets of the construction project is a must. Architects, Electricians, General contractors, Interior designers, Networking groups, AV integrators, Automation programmers, and the customer need to work together to insure minimum problems during the construction.

System Design / Modeling

Retis Technologies has gone beyond the standard AV integrator utilizing some of the most powerful off-the-shelf CAD/CAM and 3D tools required to produce the latest and most innovative conference and visualization rooms available. Software packages include Solid Works, AutoCAD, VidCAD, Lightscape, 3D StudioMax, Lightwave 3D, Lumen Micro, Adobe Premier, and Adobe After Effects. The seamless use of these tools allows us to do a complete system design, documenting all components in the facility and then providing a complete 3D model with accurate lighting, viewing angles, 3D furniture and equipment layouts. Retis Technologies works closely with electricians and HVAC installers to insure proper electrical conduit sizes, lighting loads, lighting zones, power distribution, special room pressures, and cooling requirements. Starting with an accurate 3D model allows us to anticipate and correct any potential problems. In addition, the models can assist in generating user manuals, touch panel objects, training videos, and limitless possibilities at a low cost.

CAD / CAM Design

Outsourcing of common milling requirements can save the end user time and money. To accommodate the occasional need for specialty parts, Retis Technologies has a complete on-site facility for metal fabrication, milling, and engraving. Retis Technologies provides the customers with design specifications and drawings so they can have the choice to out-source it themselves.

Control System Programming

Audio Video environments are becoming more complicated as we strive towards the best multi-media experience possible. The remote controls accompanying all this equipment can quickly multiply, cluttering up drawers and coffee tables. To combat this, Crestron Electronics has developed hardware to integrate the various components into an easy-to-use graphical interface. Simplicity of control is essential. Whether itís a small AV system in the master bedroom or an advanced Visualization Power Wall system, Retis can provide a clean and efficient program to give you the level of control that you demand.

Recent Projects / Case Studies

Sandia National Laboratories (SNL):


When SNL decided to implement a 60Mega Pixel Visualization Power display wall, Retis Technologies worked closely with Sandia employees, electrical contractors, and Digital Projection Corporation to deploy the technology with minimum impact on every day work activities. System installation included designing and assembling the framing structure to house 48 projectors, designing a mounting system that would allow for positioning within ľ mm of a pixel between images, replacing 16 existing Simulation projectors, and adding 32 additional projectors, to maximize control.

ILAB Access Grid

Retis Technologies is leading the collaborative videoconference environment using state of the art equipment by deploying SNLís first access grid located in Albuquerque, NM.



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